About Us

The Hongkun Group was founded in 2002 with a simple vision: to improve the lives of those we serve. From its start as a real estate developer in Beijing, Hongkun has evolved into an international community-building enterprise, investing in diversified and integrated business platforms to generate value for clients and communities. Hongkun's journey has been shaped by a hyper-strategic planning process that integrates real estate, technology and diversified business functions. By combining a synergistic business platform with a diversified asset management approach, Hongkun unlocks value and carves a path towards sustainability.

Over the last 16 years, our organization has strategically expanded and today is comprised of four integrated business segments. Together, Hongkun Capital, Hongkun Real Estate, Hongkun Business Park, and Hongkun Culture & Tourism, operate synergistically under the management holding company of Hongkun Group. Pooling the vast resources of these diversified, but synergistic business segments Hongkun Group provides innovative solutions that improve the lives of our people and maximize community potential. With our continued investment in technology and innovation, as well as accumulated resources gained through partnership with public and private enterprises, Hongkun touches every aspect of life for individuals, communities and cities, delivering live, work, and play spaces and community services, urban transport solutions and investment products.

Hongkun Group Structure

Company Structure