About Us

Hongkun Capital is a real estate-focused fund manager headquartered in New York City. Hongkun Capital invests in properties within metropolitan-area markets that are well-positioned to outperform the national industry average. With a local team and a global operating scale, we provide unique focus and deep expertise across the multi-industry investment market. Rooted in our real estate core, our investments are backed up by products we have come to expertly know and trust.

Since its inception, Hongkun's vision to improve people's lives has transcended beyond real estate; we aspire to serve as partners in helping people achieve their dreams. The path that leads to an individual's dreams overwhelmingly has to do with the makeup and management of personal finances. As the asset management arm of the Hongkun, Hongkun Capital plays a key role in connecting people to the futures they envision.

Hongkun Capital is an independently-operated affiliate of Hongkun Group, allowing the business to preserve organizational independence essential for maintaining a customer-centric platform. Leveraging the real estate expertise and vast technology resources of our parent holding company, Hongkun Capital is supported by strong investment research capacity, stringent risk management programs, and rich experience in fund management and real estate property management. In this way, Hongkun Capital provides tailored, modern solutions to clients, opening doors to greater financial opportunities.


We empower our clients by partnering with them to create curated and future-proof investment solutions. With access to the extensive resources of our parent holding group and a diverse and talented local team of advisors, Hongkun Capital implements investment strategies that fit the unique values and financials goals of each client.


Real Estate Focused Fund Manager People
People are at the heart of what we do. Hongkun's success is reflected in the achievements of our clients, employees, and community partners. By tapping into our vast reservoir of resources of diversified assets, multi-channel business functions, investment funds, technology capabilities, and human capital, we can offer unlimited customized solutions that empower the individuals we serve to achieve their dreams.
Real Estate Focused Fund Manager Quality
We are dedicated to delivering quality across every aspect, big or small, of our product and service mix. Such a relentless commitment to quality has steered our growth trajectory. We have expanded and diversified our business portfolio, increased investment in technology, and broadened talent resources at a strategic, scalable pace. As a result, our expanded business footprint has never outpaced the addition of resources needed to deliver a consistent level of quality, guaranteed.
Real Estate Focused Fund Manager Transparency
Across all types of financial management, transparency ultimately drives client experience. From upfront communication with clients around investment fund structure and related risks, to clear reporting on transactions and fund performance throughout a portfolio's lifetime, transparency forms the scaffolding of Hongkun Capital's service architecture.
Real Estate Focused Fund Manager Innovation
With the tradition of our company culture deeply rooted in entrepreneurship and innovation, we embrace today's climate of digital disruption, rapid innovation, and technological advancement. We are committed to increasing our investment in technology and harnessing the power of big data in its applications for optimizing client portfolios. We keep a pulse on the relevant innovations in digital space to integrate into our day-to-day operations, improve customer service, and minimize costs.